VariLite KTP is a dual wavelength laser offering both 532 nm green and 940 nm infrared wavelengths. The 532 nm wavelength treats superficial vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, non-pigmented lesions. The 940 nm wavelength treats deeper, larger vessels such as leg veins.

Photo of patient receiving Varilite KTP procedure at Sante Medical.

Before and After photos

Type of Device:

Potassium / Titanyl / Phosphate (KTP) Laser

(532 nm, 940 nm)

Skin Types:

Fitzpatrick I-IV



Social Downtime:

Little to None

Treatment Time:

30 Minutes

# of Treatments Required:

By Assessment  (typically three)

Commonly Treated Conditions:


Sun Damage


Spider Veins

Pigmented Lesions