June 2017 


Simona at Coolsculpting University

After performing hundreds of CoolSculpting treatments over the past two years, Simona was chosen to represent Sante Medical at CoolSculpting University in California to upgrade her skills with the most advanced training available.

The training focused on mastering techniques to improve the efficiency of the treatment while understanding the difference between targeting fat pockets and transforming the body.

“I was funny to be the only Canadian there,” she laughs. “It was a fantastic experience and I really learned to master my skills.”

Coolsculpting certificate

Simona is a passionate advocate for CoolSculpting – not only because she is a professional CoolSculpting specialist, but because she sees real results in real patients every day. She has even experienced the benefits of CoolSculpting, herself.

“I used to hate my arms and would never want anyone to see them,” says Simona. “But after having them treated about a year ago, I am so happy with my results!”

Simona shares her excitement from her own personal story with every patient she meets and focuses on making the experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

“I truly enjoy helping people feel more confident in themselves,” she says. “I have patients who return after a year and are still happy with their results. It’s a great feeling to play a part in that.”

Have questions for Simona? Meet with her one-on-one by attending an Expert Consult Day on June 6th or 20th.

CoolSculpting packages include a VISIA skin assessment ($50 value), a microdermabrasion treatment for a future date ($130 value), and a lymphatic drainage treatment ($100 value). 

Call to RSVP: 403.245.8008



Ultherapy results: before and after on chin


Known as the non-invasive facelift, Ultherapy is a safe, focused ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your skin. As the ideal treatment for sagging skin on the neck, chin, and brow, it can also be used to minimize wrinkles on the décolleté.

Maya, our laser technician and Ultherapist at Sante Medical, has been performing the treatment for three years - having acquired the most advanced Ultherapy training available. As an advanced Ultherapist, her qualifications allow her to customize treatments to patients’ needs (in terms of depth and skin type) and utilize superior techniques that give patients the most efficient results possible.

When asked about misconceptions around Ultherapy, Maya says, “Ultherapy is not exclusively for older skin with advanced signs of aging. It can also be used as a form of prevention to build collagen.”

The treatment stimulates new collagen development by delivering the right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths and the right temperature. This activates the body’s natural healing process, causing fresh collagen to develop. Patients often choose the treatment to tighten and define the jawline, minimize the appearance of a double chin, and reduce wrinkles on the neck and chest.

Ultherapy treatment being performed on the face

The best candidates are those with skin that has ‘relaxed’ to the point of sagging and feeling lax, younger people who want to “stay ahead of the game,” and patients who want to prolong the effects of prior surgical facelifts.

“After the treatment, it takes about six months for the collagen to build and produce noticeable results, says Maya. “Typically, patients require only one treatment, and they usually return every two years for maintenance treatments.”

Pricing for Ultherapy at Sante Medical has recently been reduced to meet patients’ needs. And on June 13th and 27th, we will be holding free Expert Consult Days where patients will have the opportunity to meet with Maya one-on-one. The free consultation is 45 minutes long and includes a free VISIA skin assessment ($50 value), a 30-minute Ultherapy consultation, a microdermabrasion treatment (for future use), and a firming serum.

To RSVP for an Expert Consult Day appointment with Maya, call 403.245.8008.


May 2017 


smiling couple

Losing your hair can be physically, psychologically, and emotionally difficult for both men and women. In men, it can occur as early as 16 years of age. And in women, it usually occurs due to stress or hormonal shifts.

Patients looking for a solution will typically seek help from their physicians, friends, family members, and/or the internet. But most will be left feeling overwhelmed, dismissed, dismayed, or spending money on disappointing and ineffective products.

Understanding potential causes

Due to its complexity, the cause of hair loss varies from individual to individual. From genetics, trauma, hormones, nutrition, stress, and/or the environment, there are a number of potential contributing factors. 

Identifying the cause

Understanding the cause of your hair loss will help your doctor determine the most appropriate and effective treatment route. At Sante Medical, Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan will thoroughly discuss your health, hair loss history, and objectives with you. For most patients, he is able to identify your hair loss type based on this initial consultation. However, if it is suspected that an underlying medical condition may be the cause, sometimes more in-depth testing is required. For a more thorough analysis, he may perform hormone testing, a scalp biopsy, and/or an examination using a high definition microscopic camera that can magnify the scalp up to 100x.

Treatment options 

At the Hair Restoration Institute at Sante Medical, we offer a full range of hair loss treatments to meet the needs of patients of all ages and ethnicities. This allows Dr. Bobby to recommend the most up-to-date and unbiased treatment options available. Treatment options range from surgery, laser therapy, medication, hormone balancing, PRP (platelet rich plasma), various camouflage techniques, and regenerative medicine. With his extensive background knowledge in hair restoration, hormone balancing, and preventative health, Dr. Bobby will guide you to a path that will improve your unique hair loss case.

See an actual patient's review of Dr. Bobby and his team here.

Call to book a free consultation with Dr. Bobby: 403.245.8008

For more information on hair restoration at Sante Medical click here. 



laser treatment

What is Photorejuvenation?

Photorejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat skin conditions and reduce the effects of photoaging such as pigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture.  

What is intense pulsed light (IPL)? 

With Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, a broad spectrum of light is used to target brown and red pigments in and beneath the skin. The absorption of the light minimizes the appearance of the pigment - making it the ideal treatment for sun damage and skin pigmentation issues. 

Treatment areas

Virtually any area of your body can be treated, but the most common areas are those most exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight; the face, neck, back of the hands, chest, and shoulders.

Skin concerns that can be treated with IPL include sun damage, age spots, sun-induced freckles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, redness, fine lines, acne, acne scars, birthmarks, rosacea, flushing, small blood vessels, melasma, pregnancy mask, enlarged pores, and even unwanted hair. As a bonus, many patients also experience softer and smoother skin, collagen growth, and improvements in the appearance of fine lines.

The top two photorejuvenation treatments at Sante Medical 


ICON IPL is recognized as the “gold standard” of IPL devices. At Sante Medical, we often recommend this treatment for patients who have unwanted pigmentation lesions such as sun damage, brown spots, and vascular lesions. 

The treatment time is typically 15-60 minutes and for best results, most patients are recommended to schedule in a series of two to four treatments. With minimal discomfort and little to no downtime, experiencing some redness and swelling is common for a couple of days following treatment.


As our most advanced light-based technology, Forever Young BBL utilizes broadband light (BBL) - ideal for overall skin rejuvenation. Similar to IPL in that the underlying principle of targeting cells with light is the same, BBL delivers light within a broader spectrum of wavelengths - capable of targeting multiple pigmentation and skin issues at the same time. 

With minimal discomfort and no downtime, this is the ideal treatment for acute sun damage, red and brown spots, vascular lesions, and rosacea. The treatment time is typically 30 minutes and most patients are recommended a series of two to four treatments.

A Stanford University study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology shows that BBL treatments can change the expression of genes associated with the aging process to more closely resemble young skin.

For more information on photorejuvenation at Sante Medical click here.  

Call to book a photorejuvenation treatment with Maya or Gia: 403.245.8008


March 2017


There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of the ‘Vampire Facelift’ due to its popularity in the media and among celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Though others may refer to the treatment as PRP (platelet rich plasma), the treatment is known as the Vampire Facelift because it requires blood to be drawn from a patient and reinjected into a specified treatment area.

What does it entail?

The Vampire Facelift (PRP) is the process of extracting a patient’s blood from their arm, centrifuging the blood to separate out the plasma and platelets from the red blood cells, and then re-injecting the platelet rich plasma into the patient’s face, neck, and/or décolleté.

It’s an innovative anti-aging treatment that harnesses the natural healing elements of your own blood to help rejuvenate and refresh the skin while volumizing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Because it uses your own blood, it is considered a natural alternative to dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid - thereby reducing the potential for any side effects. The treatment is also non-invasive and relatively pain-free.

What are the benefits? 

Injecting nutrient-rich plasma into the skin of the face and neck helps to improve tone and texture, stimulate the growth of collagen, and enhance the body’s natural capacity to repair itself – giving the skin a more youthful and glowing appearance. 

PRP before and after images

PRP at Sante Medical

When PRP was first introduced at Sante Medical, the procedure consisted of manually injecting the platelet rich plasma into the skin using an individual syringe. And in early 2017, Sante Medical upgraded the treatment by purchasing a U225 Super Gun - currently the most sophisticated meso injector on the market and used by practitioners worldwide. The U225 SuperGun quickly and efficiently injects the platelet rich plasma at the perfect depth – shortening the treatment time from an hour to approximately 15 minutes. At Sante Medical, our patients have seen the best results when combining an annual PRP treatment with their regular Botox and filler routine.

Other uses for PRP

PRP can also treat areas besides the face, neck and décolleté. It can be used on aged hands and has been proven very effective to stimulate hair growth when injected into sparse areas of the scalp. Click here to learn more.



If you are considering wrinkle-reducer injections like Botox, it’s important to carefully consider who will be performing the treatment and how long they have been doing it for. A low price should not be the deciding factor. If anything, it should raise a few questions.  

needle injecting into patient's forehead

Botox is an effective wrinkle-reducing and anti-aging treatment that is used by many, but it is also a very strong treatment that you want to ensure is being utilized properly and safely. When shopping around for a provider, it may be tempting to choose a discount, deal, or promotion, but you need to be wary and keep in mind that you are paying for the experience and training behind the hands that are injecting you, not the product. Simply put, the more training and experience a medical professional has, the better equipped they are to provide the treatment.

As Albert Einstein once said, “the only source of knowledge is experience.”  

Undeniably, there are a number of benefits to choosing an expert injector. Safety, efficiency, artistic touch, and natural-looking results can be expected when you choose a medical professional like a doctor with advanced training and years of experience.

The potential risks involved with a Botox procedure performed incorrectly include uneven results, looking “frozen” or unnatural, drooping skin, trouble articulating, difficulty swallowing, numbness or weakness, and sometimes the risks can be more severe. For further Health Canada information on risks, click here

Although low-cost and less experience does not necessarily mean a provider is unqualified or unequipped to provide the treatment efficiently, it is an indication that you need to ask a few questions to make sure you are making a safe and informed decision. Here are three key questions to ask:

1)    Are you a physician?
2)    If not, is there a physician who is overseeing this or who is on site in case of potential complications?
3)    How long have you been doing this?

Tip: Trust your gut. If you feel the provider is a trustworthy medical professional, and feel their skill set/artistry style fits your desired outcome and results, you ultimately have the power to make the decision that best suits you.  

At Sante, our Botox and filler treatments are performed exclusively by doctors who have been providing injections for over a decade and have worked and trained under the best injectors in the world. That is the level of quality we assure to our patients. More importantly, our physicians are able to discern a patient’s individual needs with an artistic and safe approach while identifying the risks involved before they become problems.

For further information, click here or call us at 403.245.8008.

before and after image

In the above before photos, the markings on the patient’s face indicate the locations of where the Botox is to be injected. In the first before photo (top left), the patient is contracting her facial muscles into a frowning expression to emphasize her areas of concern. In the second before photo (bottom left), her face is relaxed.

The after photos were taken one week later. In the first after photo (top right), she is again attempting to contract her facial muscles into a frowning expression. In the second after photo (bottom right), the patient's face looks relaxed, but she is attempting to slightly contract her facial muscles.

Overall, the patient's face has a relaxed and natural appearance, the lines between her eyes, the static lines across her forehead, and her crow’s feet are visibly softened. There is also a soft lift in the eyelids. To maintain these results, this patient has been recommended to return for a Botox treatment every four months. If she continues with her treatments, the areas of concern will continue to soften and will require treatments less frequently.   



February 2017


High fashion magazines have already revealed the hottest makeup trends for spring 2017. Here's our guide to help you stay on trend without overdoing it. 

Looking to refresh your makeup for the spring, but not sure where to start? We've done the work for you by sorting through the latest 2017 spring makeup trends and customizing a version that can be applied to everyday life. Since we absolutely love Jane Iredale products, we've also provided some Jane Iredale product recommendations to help you achieve these fresh looks!

If you're interested in getting some advice from a Jane Iredale makeup artist, book an appointment for our Get Gorgeous in 30 Jane Iredale makeup event on Thursday, March 2nd at Sante Medical. Click here to book your spot! 


All about that pink

Pink, pink, and more pink is very on trend this season. Many women avoid pink eyeshadow in fear that it may not suit them or that they may overdo it, but when you know what to look for, you can pull it off like a pro.

Opt for a soft, single pink shadow for a splash of youthful colour. We recommend trying Jane Iredale Rose Dawn Quad Mineral Bronzer as a multifunctional product for both cheeks and eyes combined with Jane Iredale PureGloss in Pink Candy on the lips.




Monochromatic is having its moment 

We’ve seen intense and rich monochromatic makeup looks on the spring 2017 fashion runways. Monochromatic means the use of the same colour on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

For a more subtle, everyday look, try a peachy or warm coppery eye shadow with a matching peach or copper blush and lip. We recommend trying Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush in Copper Wind and PurePressed Eye Shadow in Steamy.




Out with the matte, in with the shine!

Glossy lips are officially making a comeback this spring. This is great for cities like Calgary where the weather is dry and lips could use a burst of all-day moisture. Bonus: glossy lips give the illusion of an amplified lip size!

We recommend checking out the array of colours available in the Jane Iredale PureGloss collection.






Black liner with wings that fly

Black liner, in all its shapes, forms, and formulas never seems to go out of style. This season, we're seeing a variety of looks from all-around smudged to the go-to liquid black with an extended wing.

We recommend trying Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner in black – with no irritating chemicals!





That stardom glow 

Healthy skin is always in. And one of the best ways to achieve a beautiful complexion (aside from impeccable skin care) is adding a touch of highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, temples, sides of your forehead, centre of the nose, cupids bow, and tip of the chin. 

We recommend Jane Iredale In Touch Highlighter in Complete.





January 2017


Still struggling to recover from post-holiday weight gain? Whether you're looking to smooth areas of stubborn fat or cellulite, or need help with your new year's resolution to lose weight, we can help you achieve your goals.

belly and measuring tape

1. CELLULITELPG Endermologie is a treatment of European origin. A mechanical device consisting of two moving rollers travels across the skin with a suction generated vacuum between the rollers. During the treatment, the rollers exert a positive force on the skin and subcutaneous tissues, and the suction draws a fold of skin and fat into the vacuum space. The roller/suction motion massages the tissues more deeply than a manual massage. Endermologie softens the connective tissue, increases blood flow to the skin and aids in lymphatic flow, resulting in cellular nutrition, waste elimination and a noticeable improvement in cellulite. For more information, click here.

2. WEIGHT LOSSOur Hormone-Based Weight Loss program is led by a physician, who will consult with you one-on-one to assess and analyze your body composition, metabolism, medical history, and current diet and lifestyle. This information will assist the physician as he/she works with you to discuss and determine your weight loss expectations and goals. The hormonal aspect of the program comes in the form of regular hormonal injections for a determined period of weeks. This includes a personalized diet program, weekly progress visits, tips and tools for maintaining weight loss, and recommendations for non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening procedures. For more information, click here.

3. AREAS OF STUBBORN FATCoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure that gently and effectively reduces fat in problem areas of the body. What makes CoolSculpting different than other fat reduction procedures is its unique cooling technology that targets and eliminates fat cells. During the procedure, an applicator is used to deliver precisely controlled cooling to areas of stubborn fat pockets. When fat cells are exposed to cooling, it triggers a process of natural removal, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. Clinical studies show a 20-30 percent reduction of the fat layer in the treatment area. Results are fully realized within 12 weeks.

For more information on CoolSculpting, click here or attend our free demonstration event on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017. RSVP at the links below:

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM > http://bit.ly/2jpYadv
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM > http://bit.ly/2iFC3hV



When it comes to treating aging skin, choosing a medical-grade facial is the way to go. Why? … active ingredients!

woman face smiling

Because medical-grade facials are performed under the instruction of a medical professional, the products used are able to contain a higher percentage of active ingredients – which means they will be more effective at producing results! Also, once your facial is complete, you will have the opportunity to be prescribed a very specific skin care regime using a medical-grade skin care line - like ZOSkin Health or Medique so you can continue to treat your skin at home in between treatments. 

At Sante Medical, we offer an array of medical-grade facial treatments that are customized to help with your specific skin conditions. You will feel relaxed and pampered under the care of our professional staff in a private and relaxing facial room. Here are some of our medical-grade facials that are sure to please the patient who is in need of the ultimate skin treatment.

Medique Anti-Aging Facial - Reduce the overall visual appearance of facial aging. A full-face micro-current treatment is used to boost collagen and elastin production, improving overall skin tone and elasticity, while firming the face.

Revitalize Signature Facial - Restorative essential oils and botanically-derived extracts cleanse, purify and balance the skin. A specialized lymphatic drainage treatment and complementing foot massage alleviate tension and aids in detoxification, restoring vitality.

Customized Facial - Choose from a list of specialized treatments for acne, rosacea, hypersensitivity, or environmental stress. If you’re unsure of the treatment that is best for you, allow our experienced aestheticians to analyze your skin and select appropriate active ingredients and cosmeceuticals.

M6 Collagen Activator Facial - This amazing firming facial leaves your skin more youthful - even after just one treatment. Our non-invasive face-lift technology uses our state-of-the-art LPG Endermologie system.