The Vampire Facelift is an innovative anti-aging treatment that harnesses the natural healing and rejuvenating elements of your own blood to help rejuvenate and refresh the skin, while also volumizing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Because it uses your own blood, it is considered a natural alternative to dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid- thereby reducing the potential for any side effects.

Because it requires blood to be drawn from your arm, the treatment is often referred to as the ‘Vampire Facelift’, though others may refer to it as PRP (platelet rich plasma).

Anti Aging Treatment


Commonly Treated Areas

It can generally be used to treat the same areas as dermal fillers, though its modeling characteristics make it better suited to particular areas:

  • Areas of lost facial volume such as sunken cheeks, a sagging chin or hollowing of the temple area
  • Tear troughs and dark circles under the eye
  • Minor to moderate areas of loose skin (wrinkled/crepey skin)
  • Aged hands
  • Acne and other scars
  •  Neck rings and wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet and laugh lines
  • Décolleté, chest and cleavage wrinkles

How It Works

It works by concentrating platelets from your blood and fibrin in a chosen area of the skin, which gives physicians the potential to enhance the body’s natural capacity for repairing skin imperfections. Once it is administered in your skin, growth factors are released to trigger the production of new cells and collagen.

Collagen is a key structural component under the skin that provides texture and thickness and gives shape to your face. The breakdown of collagen is largely responsible for the gradual appearance of wrinkles and other skin imperfections throughout the years. Helping its production is therefore a  natural way to respond to natural aging and restoring a more youthful appearance.

The Best Candidates

Virtually anyone who wants to see improvements in their skin tone and overall appearance can benefit from this treatment. Patients of all ages can be good candidates, including patients in their 30s and early 40s.

Younger patients may want to use it as a preventative option if they are just starting to develop tear troughs, or any minor wrinkle or skin imperfections.


The Vampire Facelift is a particular method of injecting PRP to rejuvenate the tissue of the face and the use of the Vampire Facelift logo and word mark are protected by US Patent & Trademark law. The trademark identifies physicians who meet the required standards to perform this treatment and to legally use either “Vampire Facelift” on their websites.