Helping you look your natural best at any age is always at the heart of our treatment goal. Sante Medical’s non-surgical facelift can take years off your appearance by combining Wrinkle Reducer injections, Dermal Fillers and Ultherapy. This three-step approach tackles three objectives:


Wrinkle Reducer injections are administered to treat lines in the upper part of the face, particularly around the eyes, bunny lines and forehead. Wrinkle Reducer injections relax the underlying muscles that cause fine lines that lead to wrinkled skin and helps reduce the appearance of tired eyes by lifting the brows.

face lift


Dermal Fillers help restore facial volume, treat fine lines around the mouth, and restore the loss of volume in the cheek, lip and chin areas--creating softer, more youthful facial curves and contours.

Tighten + Lift

Ultherapy the power of safe and effective ultrasound to lift the deep structural support layers of the skin. By tightening the underlying muscle facia, we are able to restore firmness and tension to the skin and connective tissue--achieving a noticeable lifting of facial features, including the neck and a jowl area.

No surgery. No downtime. Instant results. Three great reasons why the No Downtime Facelift is so popular with our patients. But perhaps the biggest reason why this procedure is so popular is due to its cost effectiveness. Sante Medical is pleased to provide our Non-Surgical Facelift at a very competitive package price—offering deep discounts over individual procedure pricing.