Luxar is an ablative CO2 laser that can serve multiple functions.In the ultra-pulse mode, it can create very shallow, precise depth destruction to layers of the skin, without charring. The amount of heat sustained in this mode creates just enough tissue contraction to reduce some sagging of the skin. Very thin layers of skin can literally be ‘lasered off’, after which the skin recovers and grows over the scars and wrinkles, reducing their size.In the regular mode, it can be used to burn different skin growths, including warts, moles, and skin tags.


Before and After photos

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Type of Device:

Ablative CO2 Laser

Skin Types:

Fitzpatrick I-III



Social Downtime:

Minimal or None

Treatment Time:

30 Minutes

# of Treatments Required:

Usually One

Commonly Treated Conditions:


Raised Lesions

Post Biopsy Site Treatment

Skin Tags

Deep Wrinkles

Scar Revision


Acne Scars