Most women and men want soft, supple and well-proportioned lips. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a pair of perfect lips and the few who are lucky enough to have them don’t always get to keep them without a little help.

Treating this area of the face tends to produce a relatively dramatic impact on a person's overall appearance. Facial expression is an essential tool in effective communication, and the lips are front and center when it comes to the art of communicating. Further, the lips serve to frame a noticeable and pleasing smile.

Lip Augmentation Can Correct

Lips can be treated quickly and effectively, correcting unwanted issues such as:

  • Lip volume loss
  • Lip asymmetry
  • Overall lip shape
  • Downturned mouth
  • Moisture loss
  • Undefined or irregular lip borders
  • File lines and wrinkles in or around the lips

lip enhancement

The Best Candidates

Men and women who are born with thin, uneven lips, or who have noticed age-related loss of fullness are excellent candidates for lip augmentation.

Age, family heredity and various lifestyle choices such as alcohol use and smoking all contribute to decreased lip fullness and wrinkling.

Lip enhancement is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures at our clinic.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

First, you will have a consultation to help you determine not only the type of lip augmentation treatment you will undergo but also the desired amount of change you’d like to see in your lip contour and overall plumpness.

Your customized treatment plan will typically call for one of our dermal filler options. Certain dermal fillers used for lip augmentation work by attracting water to the lips, while other fillers will better treat fine lines that appear around the mouth. When the lip border needs to be addressed, there are choices as to which dermal filler will perform best based on your specific skin condition and goals.

A topical numbing agent is applied to ease any discomfort. Once the numbing agent has taken effect, your injection will take place. A fine needle will be injected into various areas of the lips. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes. You can resume your normal activities immediately following the injection.

After Your Procedure

The lips are a bit more sensitive to swelling, as compared to other areas of the face. This is because the lips are highly vascular. After your injection, the lips may become enlarged--mainly due to the trauma of the needle. The next morning, you may find the lips to be a little more swollen than the day of treatment since dermal fillers have a high affinity for water.

To minimize swelling you can apply ice packs at 20-minute intervals a few times throughout the day. You can also keep your head elevated at night by sleeping with extra pillows. In most cases the majority of swelling subsides within 2-3 days.

What about ‘Duck Lips’ and ‘Trout Pout’?

‘Duck lips’ refer to the appearance of lips that are overly large following lip augmentation and resemble a duckbill. A similar issue referred to as a “trout pout,” refers to overly large and wide lips that look like a fish’s mouth.

Overfilling the lips can cause these poor and undesirable aesthetic outcomes. Less is more when it comes to this type of procedure. Lip augmentation is an art, and it takes lots of experience and knowledge to administer the treatment correctly. At Sante Medical, our team of physicians and nurse injectors adjusts for each patient accordingly to produce a highly natural-looking result.

Additional Treatments for the Lips and Mouth Area

Increasing lip volume and changing the lip shape, is not the only procedure offered at Sante Medical to target enhancing the lip and mouth area.

Smile lines or nasolabial folds (creases formed at the corners of the mouth extending upward to the outer edges of the nose) located on either side of the mouth can also be injected to smooth and fill in deep lines using dermal fillers.

Marionette lines are the vertical facial creases that form below the corners of the mouth and extend downward towards the chin. These lines can sometimes give the appearance of a sagging or downturned expression—making you look sad or angry. Using dermal fillers, we can make a dramatic difference in softening marionette lines and lines around the lips. Any sagging, downturned expression can be reduced or eliminated.

Patients with more exaggerated wrinkles and undefined lip lines may require more assertive laser re-surfacing to improve texture, tone, and re-establish the lip lines and the Cupid’s bow area (the centre part of the lip). During your consultation, you Sante Medical physician will determine if your desired result can be achieved through dermal fillers or a more aggressive alternative.

Wrinkle Reducer injections can be used to mitigate ‘gummy smile’, a condition whereby the upper lip elevates too far above the upper teeth, exposing gums.

Finally, laser hair removal can effectively remove hair on the skin above the upper lip.

* Photos represent actual patient results.  Individual results may vary; 

Please consult with your injecting physician to determine what results you may expect.

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