An aging face will show a loss of volume through the softening of the jawline and through the loss of volume near the temples, eyebrow area, and cheekbones. The center of the face is also an important factor in facial aesthetics because perceptions of facial attractiveness are largely founded on the synergy of the eyes, nose, lips, and cheekbones (central facial triangle).

face volume loss

Droopy cheeks are common among our patients experiencing the symptoms of facial aging. This unwanted look is due to a loss of subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat lying directly under the skin’s surface), which is typically present in a youthful cheek.

With a loss of fat in the cheek area, a loosening and descent of the soft facial tissues can occur. Also, loss of ligament support and skin elasticity contributes to further descent of the cheek and cheek fat pads. With droopiness of the cheek, there is a hollowing out of the lower eyelid region, a loss of cheek volume and an exaggerated projection.

Multiple grooves can form across the cheek in addition to the smile lines, causing a downward descent at the corner of the mouth, a more evident jowl and softening of the jaw line. At Sante Medical, all of these signs of droopiness and descent can be addressed.

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