Acne Clinics

Due to long wait times at acne clinics to see dermatologists, patients and family members often experience feelings of frustration. And once a consultation is obtained, patients often leave overcrowded clinics feeling dismissed or rushed.

At Sante Medical, we understand and acknowledge that acne is a condition requiring immediate attention, and as such, we have undertaken the task of creating a self-referral clinic that allows patients to see a physician as quickly as possible. We believe our physician-led team approach is what makes for successful treatment and prevention of acne and scarring.

During their first visit, our patients receive a free consultation with a physician who will assess their skin and develop a customized acne treatment plan that will be implemented with the support of our team of Sante Medical specialists. We are proud to have the medical and technological abilities to deal with all ranges of acne issues, including the treatment and prevention of scarring.

You do not have to live with acne. Let us be a part of the solution.