Beauty Isn’t
Just Skin Deep

But it starts there

From head to toe, looking and feeling great starts with your skin. While a good skincare regimen can do a great deal, most of us could use a little extra help keeping our skin in shape. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Anti-Aging / CosmeceuticaL Skin Care

With all the difficult conditions and situations we put our skin through, it deserves a bit of attention every now and again. Our anti-aging and cosmeceutical treatments will not only make you feel relaxed and great mentally; they’ll enhance your skin and keep the effects of aging at bay.

Skin Texture & Tone

The combination of aging and sun damage can leave your skin feeling and looking different. Often it becomes rough to the touch, and takes on a slightly unattractive tone – both qualities that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Learn more about how we can help bring back softness and lustre to your skin and book your consultation to get started.

Acne & Acne Scars

Acne is one of the most common dermatological conditions for both adolescents and adults alike – and one of the reasons lots of people visit us at Sante. We offer a variety of solution, including a comprehensive, personalized treatments.

Skin Tags, Lesions & Moles

While skin tags, lesions and moles are generally harmless from a medical perspective, they still have the power to harm your self-confidence and overall beauty.


Scars tell the stories of previous injuries or procedures – but some stories don’t need to be told. Fortunately, we have treatments that can help remove any unsightly scars with no surgical downtime and no recovery period.

Rosacea & Diffused Redness

While Rosacea looks a lot like acne and can cause the same demoralizing blow to your self-confidence, it’s a unique and common skin condition all on its own. While there is unfortunately no cure for rosacea, the team at Sante Medical is committed to helping you manage the symptoms, allowing you to live a life free from the burden of rosacea.

Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Aging and sun damage can cause your skin to change in texture. This can leave your skin both looking and feeling much less than ideal, both symptoms that can fortunately be treated in a variety of ways.

Unwanted Hair

Beautiful soft skin deserves to be free of unwanted hair. From your face to your feet, unwanted hair can rob you of your confidence and ruin the natural beauty of your well-cared-for skin.

Excessive Sweating

Formally known as hyperhidrosis –  excessive sweating is a real and very uncomfortable condition for a large amount of people. While there have traditionally only been surgical solutions for extreme cases, we now have other, less invasive treatment options.

Enlarged Pores

Healthy pores keep your skin soft, hydrated and beautiful. Unhealthy pores, on the other hand, can become large and unsightly. From exfoliating to laser resurfacing – and more – we can help by creating a personalized treatment plan to help you look your best again.