SmartXide CO2

SmartXide CO2

The SmartXide DOT laser is a CO2 fractional ablation laser used for skin resurfacing and skin tightening. It combines the effectiveness of the old traditional CO2 resurfacing lasers with the safety of fractional lasers. Patients benefit from reduced downtime, faster healing time, and increased safety compared to traditional CO2 resurfacing, and the results are more dramatic than with a non-ablative laser.

Thousands of tiny columns or dots of laser energy vaporize the damaged skin in the dermis and stimulates the growth of fresh, new collagen – leaving the protective epidermal covering much more intact. Since only a fraction of the skin is treated, the non-treated adjacent skin promotes fast healing. The results go beyond skin resurfacing to include deep skin rejuvenation. You are left with a fresh, thicker and more resilient layer of collagen. Over the next few months, your skin will fill out more evenly, giving you a tighter, smoother and more uniform surface appearance.

The DOT [Dermal Optic Thermolysis) longer wavelength, combined with fractional laser technology takes the treatment deeper into the dermis than current minimally ablative fractional treatments can. The inherent risks of the CO2 laser are reduced considerably by implementing the fractional delivery while the fractional treatment results are improved.

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