Lines and wrinkles appear as we age, due to our skin losing elasticity. The skin can also loose volume and start to sag, which also makes us look older. One of the biggest factors that affects people appearance as they get older is the loss of collagen that makes the skin firmer and more elastic. Sculptra works by stimulating the build-up of your own body’s collagen.

Sculptra (generic name is “poly-L-lactic acid” or PLLA) is a Health Canada and FDA-approved synthetic of lactic acid – the same thing made in our muscles after exercise. Sculptra uses this acid to produce gradual results over a few months as collagen rebuilds for an extremely natural looking and more youthful face. The results are long lasting, generally two years as compared to hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers which last around six months.

How Is Sculptra Different From Juvederm?

Sculptra adds volume to the face by stimulating a patient’s own collagen production over the course of several months to bring back lost volume to the face. This compares to dermal fillers which inject gels (hyaluronic acid) to immediately add volume. Both products lift and help with wrinkles because many wrinkles are created by loss of volume itself.

Unlike dermal fillers, Sculptra doesn’t deliver immediate results: although the body begins to respond to Sculptra immediately. Sculptra doesn’t create a prompt visible outcome but rather stimulates subtly and gradually the thickening of fibrous tissue or collagen.

Sculptra lasts approximately two years once the initial series of treatments is completed. Generally, one maintenance treatment a year is needed so you don’t completely return to your original volume. Dermal fillers last six months on average depending on the person and product used. This can make Sculptra more cost effective over time.

The best result may be with both Sculptra and dermal fillers. Sculptra will re-volumize the cheek area, chin, and temples, and one syringe of dermal filler will fill right around the lips where Sculptra can’t go.

What Sculptra Can Do For You

Sculptra is used to correct moderate-to-deep facial wrinkles and folds, which are treated with the appropriate injection technique.

  • Nasolabial Folds (deep folds between the nose and the mouth)
  • Marionette Lines (the lines framing your mouth)
  • Deep Wrinkles and Folds
  • Sunken Cheeks and Softening Boney Cheekbones
  • Deep Scars
  • Hollow Chin Area
  • Defining the Jawline
  • Hollow Temples
  • Hands and Some Body Sites

Sculptra should not be used in the frown lines, the forehead, around the eyes, around the mouth, or in the lips.

About The Procedure

Sculptra is injected through a fine needle or cannula into the targeted dermal layer of your skin.

The procedure is non-invasive with minimal downtime or recovery. Treatments take about 15 to 45 minutes (depending on the areas being treated) and results are near-instant. Patients can undergo a full treatment during their lunch hour and go right back to work.

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