Hair Loss

Win the battle
against hair loss

With our treatment options, hair loss is a battle you can win. Whether it’s thinning on top, above your eyebrows or on your face, we can help get you looking your best again.

Hair Loss Treatments

We offer the world’s leading hair loss treatment, ARTAS® 9x Robotic Hair Restoration System, as well as non-surgical options – meaning you don’t have to stress the loss of those strands anymore.

Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss can affect a woman’s self-confidence, but with our treatment options we can get you back to feeling your beautiful self. Click below to explore your options or book a consultation for a private one-on-one with one of our doctors.

Facial Hair

When looking at your hair, it’s important to take in the complete picture – your hair works together to introduce you to the world. At Sante, we can help with it all.