Hair Restoration

Most men and many women understand all too well the emotional effect of losing your hair. It can destroy your self-confidence and make you feel powerless. But with our wide range of treatment options, we can help you take that power back and restore your hair.

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant

The ARTAS® system is a computer-assisted, Health Canada and FDA-approved, robotic device that offers the most precise method for follicular unit extraction (FUE) possible today. This innovative technology is scalpel-free and can restore your hair without leaving behind a linear scar. Book your one-on-one consultation to see how ARTAS® can restore your hair or learn more below.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Every person’s hair loss is unique to them – while some ARTAS® is perfect for some, others may require a different approach. Our Max Growth Hair Transplant procedure was developed in house and has helped countless men achieve the thick, soft hair they’ve always wanted. Book a consultation to have a conversation with one of our doctors about what option is best for you or learn more below.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Your body already has the power to grow more hair – we just need to help it a little. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy takes a sample of your blood, separates it into its constituent parts and then has the platelet rich plasma injected into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Learn more about this innovative procedure or book your consultation today.

Laser Cap Therapy

Capillus Laser Cap® is a low-level laser therapy medical device that is FDA Cleared for women in the treatment of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth. Capillus LaserCap® is safe, effective, and easy to use – right in the comfort of your own home. Book a consultation to get started or learn more.

Non-Surgical Solutions And Hair Care

Everybody has a different head of hair and a different desire for how they want to treat their hair loss. At Sante, we believe in providing solutions perfectly tailored to each patient, and with that in mind we offer a selection of non-surgical hair restoration treatments and specialized hair care products. Book a consultation to build your customized plan or learn more below.