Hair Restoration

Robotic technology has come of age to change the way that medicine is practiced today. Just like robotics have been implemented successfully in heart valve and bypass surgeries as well as laser eye surgeries, computer-assisted robotic technology has arrived to change the landscape of hair restoration with Artas.

Operated under the control of a physician who uses a computer-assisted, image-guided robotic arm equipped with small punches to incise and an air-suction unit to extract individual follicular units, the Artas system enhances manual surgical performance in three key areas where robotics are proven to extend human capability - precision, control and reproducibility.

Artas offers the most precise method for follicular unit extraction (FUE) possible today. The follicular unit extraction method is a scalpel-free method for harvesting hair from the back of the head in which individual follicular units are extracted one at a time using robotic technology.

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