Thin Lips


Your lips are one of the most prominent, important features of your face. From the way you talk to the way you smile, your lips communicate a great deal about who you are. If you’re looking to add a little something to your smile, we can help in a variety of easy, minimally invasive ways, while ensuring that the feature does not become overly prominent or overwhelming.


Treating the upper lip, or both lips, with a non-surgical dermal filler procedure allows you to enjoy fuller, more youthful lips without the commitment or risk of cosmetic surgery.

Creating luscious lips requires more than just an injection – it requires careful planning and precise shaping of the lip area to produce a naturally plump appearance. In looking at the shape and border of lips before augmentation and considering the proportion of one lip to the other, and the mouth in proportion to other facial features, our physicians or nurse practitioner can most effectively build on what nature has started.

There are some additional benefits to treating the lips with dermal fillers. Lipstick will stay in place better on treated lips. Also, patients who seek treatment and correction of facial concerns tend to gain more self-confidence and enhanced personal interaction.

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