Jowls &
Undefined Jawline

Jowls and an Undefined Jaw Line

Some people think that the greatest tell-tale sign of a person’s true age is not face wrinkles or crow’s feet around their eyes, but sagging jowls. Anyone experiencing either knows just how much either can affect your face’s general appearance.

Jowls are a cosmetic condition where the jawline has sagged and the mid-face and the lower face has dropped creating the appearance of small pouches of flesh along the jawline. The jawline is what separates our face from our neck and with age, we can lose definition and much of the distinction between these two areas. The good news is that sagging jowls is a cosmetic issue you can correct and restore for a beautifully defined jaw.

Treatment Options

Ultherapy can be used to lift the deep structural support layers of the skin. By tightening the underlying muscle fascia, we are able to restore firmness and tension to the skin and connective tissue – achieving a noticeable lifting of facial, neck and jowl features.

Dermal fillers are another treatment option. By restoring volume to the chin, cheeks, and hollowing cheekbones (due to weight loss or age-related facial fat loss), the lifting effect of this treatment will help to smooth jowls. Also, dermal fillers can be injected in front of and behind the jowl itself to help contour the jawline.

After a thorough examination and consultation, we will create a custom treatment plan for your jowls that will also serve to create a more youthful jawline contour.

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Tightens the underlying muscle facia to provide an overall ‘lift’ using focused ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen growth.

Dermal Fillers

Restoring mid-face volume has the effect of lifting the skin to smooth jowls and define jawlines.