Advanced Aesthetics

Aesthetics have become increasingly commoditized in Calgary, and with the growth of the industry, the quality of both the service and results have gone down. We strive to bring an expert, medical-focused level of care and service to aesthetics to help empower you to look and feel your best.

Face Treatments

Your face is your front door to the world, and sometimes it deserves a fresh coat of paint. From microdermabrasion to peels and facials, our team of doctors have a wide variety of treatments at their disposal to bring a glow and glamour to your face. Book a consultation today or learn more below.

Latisse RX

Whether your eyelashes have thinned due to hair loss, or perhaps they were never quite as full as you’d have liked, we can help ensure they create a beautiful impression with Latisse RX, an FDA-approved treatment. Book a consultation to discuss this treatment with one of our doctors or learn more below.


We believe even the most everyday treatments – like waxing – deserve the same attention to detail and level of service that goes into every single one of our efforts. Book a consultation with a member of our team to get started or learn more below.